Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Precious News

Well our daughter suprised us with news..we are going to be grand parents..not sure if I am ready but she and her partner are happy..funny about a month ago I bought a darling hand- made baby quilt from value village for no reason.. she will be having an ultrasound on thursday..I guess I have to get used to this idea..


Blissful Melissa said...

What wonderful news! Congratulations!

If I wasn't a fabric addict, I'd be a paper addict...sometimes I can avoid addictions so I picked up digital scrapping thinking it would be less expensive and wouldn't take up the entire 2nd floor with papers and embellishement; could put it all on a flash drive.

Then my son cleaned my flash drive with all my digi-kits, bless his heart, he is still alive. Mostly 'cause I'm still in shock...that and he is tech support. One day I will move in with he and his sweet little wife and make them crazy. Ah, the dreams we have in life...

So, I mostly play with fabric now.


bettyann said...

That s so sweet...yes I told my son that when I am 85 I will have 35 cats, 5 years worth of recycling and will will with him..his face was priceless..my daughter is so excited

Natasha Burns said...

What wonderful news, congratulations!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog :)
The candles are AU$14 (approx US$10) to ship the set of three, or AU$10 for a single candle. Unfortunately the minimum price Australia Post charges is $10 approx US$7.20), so it works out lots cheaper for the trio.
Take care,
Natasha : )