Thursday, July 9, 2009

Makes Me Smile!!

Hello Everyone: Hope your summer is fine and happy. I was visiting and found this cute pic and a story attached..go and read and smile..
Been busy taking my MIL to heart Dr. new meds... hope all will be well...Spent time with my parents over the last 2 weeks, helping etc. Son's engagement party..great to meet new friends and new family, and tomorrow funeral for Al's Auntie Agnes, god rest her soul, she was such a funny and kind lady.. Take care all..we are going away for the week-end to Maple Falls Washington..we have a trailer at The Glen..swimming, walking and camp fire...Have a good week-end !!

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Naturegirl said...

Betty ann this little sleeping angel looks just like my own!! Thank you dear lady for sending encouragement my way! BTW..I love Patsy Cline!