Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fabric Delight

This piece was made for my sister in 1976 by a japanese student...so lovely and different from our western embroidery techniques...

Here is some ukranian needlework..

I spent some time with my Mom last week...we are so very different..I always ask my parents if I'm a changling..my Mom is very organized..never met a number she didn't like..not me...I am messy, artistic, head-strong and crazy...so anyway we cleaned out her linen closet...now she gave me some lovely lines that belonged to my grandmothers..one was Ukrainian and the other English...some fabrics I needed to soak in gentle soap to remove decades old stains..
this pillow case was given to my grandmother by her mother and she received it after she died in 1931, I have a lovely note attached:

So I have been enjoying the lovely linens..I so love fabric!! What kind of linens make your heart sing?????

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Bunny Rose Cottage said...

What wonderful linens!! I love the story behind the first one, that is so neat! How wonderful to spend time with your mom :) My mom and I are different, but alike. That sounds weird doesnt it? lol! I hope you have a wonderful week!