Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day..Mixed Feelings..

I have mixed feelings about Valentine's Day. As a child, my Mom made it a very special day..special dinner, card for each of us, heart-shape cake with pink icing. But at school , I was very shy, fat and wore glasses. On the day we brought cards to be placed in a box and the teacher handed them out. In grades 1 to 5, I didn't receive any cards at school. When I was a mother our children always made cards for all their classmates and I sent cookies to school. Today my DH left a heartfelt card and my fav chocolate on the breakfast table. So enjoy the day and remember the lonely who could use a kind word or gesture today. Take care friends.


Lorrie said...

Oh, that's so sad that you didn't receive any cards - my mother made sure that I had a Valentine for everyone in the class.

I hope the love you feel today makes the hurt of the past go away.

Lisalulu said...

sad for the past, but good memories today. AND it looks like you are teaching your children to love and respect EVERYONE they meet!! way to go

lila said...

Thanks for coming by my blog.
I know, Valentines can be a hurtful, sad time too.
I do enjoy all the red and pink in the gray of winter (and the chocolate!)

Naturegirl said...

Children can be so mean.. you have been blessed with a wonderful DH!
love and light Anna xo

Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries™ said...

Bettyann, I have to tell you that my Dad tells a similar story about not getting Valentine's at school when he was little. Makes me wonder how many scores of little souls carry scars from such a hurtful practice. I just cannot imagine that a teacher would allow that. Thankfully, when I was young it was a given that we bought...and gave...enough valentines for each person in the class (including teacher). The same for my own children as well. Perhaps it's a mid~west/east coast practice? Regardless...I hope it's been totally abolished. Wishing you love and good thoughts and a belated happy valentine's day my sweet friend.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh Sniff! I was the girl often picked last for teams so I hear you. Happily, one of the beautiful things about being an adult with children is that you can rewrite your own childhood. While my childhood Valentine memories were not always so good I now plan Happy Hearts Day of my dreams. said...

Back when I was a kid, you didn't have to give a card to every student, only the ones you really liked. I remember everyone counting the Valentines to see who got the most and always feeling bad because I was a chubby kid who got very few too.

Its good that every kid gets one now!