Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Missing In Action

I have been visiting your blogs, making comments etc. But after our return from Calgary in May, my MIL had a fall at home and broke her hip. Her situation was more serious than my Mom's. MIL had to have a partial hip replacement and my SIL and I have been very busy dealing with hospitals, movement to new hospitals and rehab. My dear MIL was using a walker before the accident and now we think she will be in a wheelchair and will be unable to return to her old home. I have been very busy assisting both parents. DH and I went to our trailer in the forest for Canada July 1 weekend, walked, swam, visited friends and went to a dance and best of all (lol) slept in.

On the creative front had my 8 year old niece and 5 year old neighbour over yeaterday. We swam, decorated cupcakes, made fairy wands and had a party. I love being with children. They keep me honest and caring. Take care friends...Enjoy your summer wherever you live..or winter for my friends down-under...


Serena said...

Sending healing thoughts and prayers for your MIL, Bettyann. xo

It sounds like you had a nice little trip away over the weekend...probably just what you needed. Then a fun and creative visit from your niece and young neighbour to top it off.

Take care,
Serena xo

Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries™ said...

Dear Bettyann,

You are a busy girl! You have my empathy regarding your MIL as Mike and I have been through the hospital and after care rigmarole with both my mom and his. To say it's exhausting both mentally and physically is a huge understatement. I'm sending you and your family prayers and good thoughts for perfect strength and wisdom as you all go through this. On a happier note, your day with your niece and neighbor sound sooo charming! I bet they adored the time with you. Take care of yourself and thanks so much for always stopping by with a kind word (especially when I've been MIA as well...with no good reason other than trying to teach myself a bit of temperance ;)!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Glad to hear that you were able to have a bit of a getaway. I know it must take a lot out of you to care for your MIL and mother. My husband did the same when his mom had cancer and I helped with as much as I could. You will always know that you did all that you could and that's very important. Have a great new week. Tammy

Lorrie said...

You have been a busy lady - I hope that you take care of yourself as well. A bit of time in the forest is a great way to unwind.

Jan said...

Glad to hear you got some time for relaxation and sleeping in :) Thanks for your well wishes, too :) said...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery, I hope it goes well for her.

And thanks for the kind comment on my studio post!