Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Beginnings..Feb 09 and I have decided that yes I new motto..thanks Obama..went out with CF to her meeting and while waiting walked in bright sunshine in New Westminster...old shops, boarded shops, smelly, broken-down, rising up and old-new and new-old like Kiss of a Frog..lovely new old fashioned dress for little girls..funny how you are sentimental about things that i wouldn't wear when I was that age..CF aqnd I had coffe and shared a yummy choc torte at the Vienna calories when you share...easier to help her be more more assertive when i am chicken little in disguise!!

was asked to join as a DT member of "christmas cards all year round"... the ladies have been very encouraging and it does good to start the year with something new and pleasing..thanks girls..bybyby for now

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Deanne Burton said...

Hi Bettyann!!!!

Thanks for the shout out to the CCAYR blog. Your link isn't working though.It's