Thursday, August 13, 2009

We are busy getting ready to go away for 4 days to Salmon Arm, BC... BIL has invited his family to come..Hubby's Mom and Sis and niece are already there..Al and I, Mike and Meghan leave from the coast at 8am and Jenn and Alex leave the same from Calgary, my daughter more sleep..there will be about 24 people..Alex gets to meet us for the first time!!....going to a Root and Blues festival, eat corn, blueberry pancakes and visit..maybe some bike riding, walking and we come..see you all next week...have a great week-end!!!!


Charlene said...

Have a wonderful time!!!!

Natasha Burns said...

Sounds like fun! What is a "Root and Blues" festival? I get the blues bit, but what's the "root" part of it? If you said that here in Australia, you'd be looked at VERY strangely, it has rather rude/vulgar connotations here, lol!!!