Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hot as Hades

So this is what hell feels like..here on the Westcoast of Canada the temperature is +100 today.. plus 90% humidity....so there I was in the deep of winter dreaming of summer and bam I am now hiding in the a/c bedroom or car lol..we are swimming right after work and eating bbq or salads and secretly longing for the cooling rain.. hope everyone is enjoying their summer...I love peach-tea popsicles...
What is your favorite flavour??

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Life List

I was visiting http://tatterededge.blogspot.com/ , Lelainia was talking about her life list - all the things and places she would like to do and see...so I am making my own life list...

Walk on the Great Wall of China

Hold my grand-children

See my son/daughter get married

Go the ArtFest

Grand Canyon


Paris with my Love

Boating Nile

Publish my work in Magazine -done-

Teach others art work

Meet some of my fav blog people

Well this is a start..must go and think of other items to place on my life list..What do you want on your life list????

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Good Morning Friends

Busy yesterday helping Mom with community garden and house garden, where does she get the energy, after watering sat in cool shade..humming bird came to visit hovering just in front of us , it seemed for minutes, that;s what it is all about, the messy, the unexpected and the joy of nature..well I had better go ..take care Enjoy your day!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Week-end Together

The Mister and I went to our cabin in the Glen, Maple Falls Wa. , spent time together really talking and listening, swimming 2x a day and walking and camp fires..On the Saunday we drove to the base of Mt. Baker, haven't been there since I was 10..snow at the side of the road..clear mountain streams, fresh air and time to think..good time was had by all....

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Great News!!

Please read Junk Camp and Restyled Home for some fantastic news about a new magazine coming out in 2010...Flea Market Style...just what we need..I have been doing flea market and junk store style for many years..look out anything free at the side of the road....good to see people are willing to take a risk in these depressing times...good luck to Ki and Matthew..

Makes Me Smile!!

Hello Everyone: Hope your summer is fine and happy. I was visiting janesapron.typepad.com and found this cute pic and a story attached..go and read and smile..
Been busy taking my MIL to heart Dr. new meds... hope all will be well...Spent time with my parents over the last 2 weeks, helping etc. Son's engagement party..great to meet new friends and new family, and tomorrow funeral for Al's Auntie Agnes, god rest her soul, she was such a funny and kind lady.. Take care all..we are going away for the week-end to Maple Falls Washington..we have a trailer at The Glen..swimming, walking and camp fire...Have a good week-end !!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Summer and the Living is Easy

Today is Canada Day..We slept in, made a pancke breakfast, relaxed, did small jobs, Al put up the new fan in craft/guest room, had a 2hr nap, made wraps, drank wine on the patio, played with cats, ate chocolate, going for a swim and hot tub..so yes today the living is easy..take care..