Sunday, April 17, 2011

Prayers Requested

My Mom fell at home this evening, was taken to the hospital and found after an xray she had broken her hip. She was transferred to Surrey Memoral Hospital and they will complete the surgery sometime tomorrow. Both my parents are in their eighties and have been living successfully at home. Please remember my Mom in your prayers. Thank you dear friends !!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Miss Madelynn !!

She is so independent!!
Three generations...Memere, Granddaughter and great-granddaughter
Nana and her precious lil monkey!!

My granddaughter and her Mom came for a family wedding in the middle of March. Due to illness anad crazy busy, I haven't had a change to post some pictures of my darling lil bug..But Madelynn is such a busy little girl I think I'll change that name to lil monkey. She is the darling of our eyes and I love her so. We are heading up to her home in Calgary in the middle of May
for her 1st birthday !!! So only 6 more weeks before I get my Maddy fix lol.