Wednesday, August 31, 2011

She came for a week and stole my heart.

Due to a death in the family lil monkey and her Mom flew out to Vancouver for a week...although the time was sad, we had a fun with to the pool, playground and my small fountain....I woke up everyday at 6:30 to a full day of chasing her around..Grandpa took her to a festival..she loves meeting people...They flew home last night and I miss her soooo much....Maddy loves music and can be found dancing at the stores to the in-house music lol..In the picture she is helping Poppa play his guitar.. We will get to see her at Christmas. I'm counting down the days...take care friends...Helped my nieces go shopping for back-to-school....forgot the fun of it all !!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Joyful and exhausting holidays.

Hello everyone...came back from a glorious 2 week holiday with my lil monkey...omg is she on the go...from morning to night..Maddy is 15 months old running, loving slides, walking in the park, playing quietly for 2 hours in the morning to let poor Mom sleep..I loved my time with her...what a gift my daughter and her husband gave me.. I slept first in a tent trailer with my DH..when he left it was the blow-up mattress on the futon...the worst part was leaving her behind..but maybe it was really the 14 hr bus ride back home lol//hope you had a great summer..lots of laughs with your friends and families...on a side-note. my sister-in-law, only 52, died last week in her sleep..My brother and their 3 young girls are struggling with why..send your love and prayers their way...take care..