Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Dear Friends....have a lovely time this special weekend with family and friends..DH and I are going to our trailer in the area of Maple Falls, Washington..1,000 acres to walk, run, bike, a swimming pool and hot tub ... good friends to share a meal or two ... Peace be with All..Take Care and talk to you next week...((((Hugs))))

Friday, March 26, 2010

Sea Witch Giveaway winner

In February, Dari the Sea Witch announced I was the winner of her first "Sea Witch in Paris" giveaway...See the fab beret..

She gave me oodles and oodles of goodies..

A spring necklace she had made for her trunk show was also included...

Love, love the rhinestone "Paris" brooch......
Look at the cutest glass Eiffel Tower ornament....

Oh goody, French chocolates...suprise, suprise..they haven't been eaten..yet...
She also decided to give me more swag (goodies)..Victorian scraps. beautiful chinese box and a lovely sea-inspried box.....What a lovely gift from a lovely person...Thanks Dari for your generous soul..
Au revior mes amies....

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sweet Gift In the Mail

Dear Izzy of Stone Spirit had a giveaway however I didn't win the prize of a lovely necklace. But Izzy decided to give something to all who had entered, 10 in all. Well of course everyone else was in the continental US, but me.. Izzy sent it off via USPS on March 5..She was so worried it had become lost. I assured her that our canadian customs make us wait for our goodies...Finally 19 days later my suprise arrived. She had made a lovely rose-quartz bookmark. I was thrilled..The stone means love and a sense of peace and changes...At the end of the pink stones is a silver tab with LOVE stamped..So sweet of her...Perfect for me. So thank you Izzy. Go over to her site and see her wonderful natural stone creations. Now I am going to post a picture..sorry my little digi camera is very pics are little blurry...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Flowers

Hello Friends...went outside today to find are some pictures of spring on the west coast of Canada..

Have a great day...Hope Spring has come to your area!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Sweet Memories

Sorry I haven't talked to you in awhile..... I have been reading all your wonderful postings. I have been socializing with my family-Mom and Sis, friends - G. and L. Plus I have been finishing baby projects.. My son's fiance invited me to view her wedding dress...she looks so beautiful..lovely of her to invite me...

Plus, I have been working on an old wicker bassinet, that was originally bought second-hand for my birth...So I guess we can say it is old..LOL..My siblings, my 2 children and my 3 nieces have slept in it.. As you know my daughter is expecting a girl in May...So my Mom brought out the crib from her storage. I washed, lightly sanded and painted the crib. At the same time, we found a skirt that my Aunt H. made for me. The skirt is a little long as it was sewn before they bought the bed. The material is in excellent condition and hasn't yellowed.. What a lovely find..My Aunt cried when she talked about making the skirt..Sweet Memories...My DD is excitied to use it for her little girl...

Take care friends...Keep visiting..

Thursday, March 4, 2010

3d Shadowbox Card

I loved taking a class from Vicki Chrisman fall 2009. She is so much fun, helpful and crafty!!! I have been obsessed with making and buying little goodies for my first grandbaby in May....When I won the shadowbox card in her giveaway, I was excited to make a card. Thanks Vicki, for giving me a chance to play with the goodies from Crafty Secrets and Accucut. My new grandbaby is a girl named Madelynn, thus the "M" on the card.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March, Already !!!

Back from my quick trip great to see Auntie, but she hurt her knee on the last evening...wasn't really in the mood for thrifting...My daughter is in her 30 I am working on preparing a layette for her, making stuffed cuties..She lives in Calgary, Canada..Her due date is May 15, I think I will fly up that day...will be staying for 2 - 3 weeks...DH will be driving from Vancouver - a 15 hour drive, with a new crib, baby stuff, great-grandma's rocking chair, and our old pine cannon-ball bed, that DH sanded and will be re-painting when weather is warmer..This week-end I helped DS's fiance, her Mom and friend die-cut and assemble wedding invites for July 17.. We also celebrated my MIL's 88 birthday on Saturday pm..Plus of course we had to watch the gold medal mens' hockey game and closing ceremonies....fwwwwwww I am many things are going to be happening soon lol I have been picking up onesies and light sleepers...but today I got the best bargain of all...As the west coast did not have a real winter this year, all the winter stuff is on sale. My purchased a 6 month - 12 months, pink snowsuit for...$4.94 regularily $35.00.......I haven't had the urge to make cards, scrapbook or mixed-media...but maybe soon...Take reading all your blogs!!!