Sunday, May 30, 2010

She arrived !!!!!

Madelynn Louise Ann is here...... arrived at 1:46 pm mountain time..May 16..she weighed 7lbs 40z..She is so sweet. Mother, Dad and Nana are exhausted as she is feeding every 1.5 hrs and she wants her food NOW to you to follow

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Well, here I am..waiting with my daughter..she went to the hospital..they gave her some gel meds..sent her home till 4 pm..then back to hospital for more meds..they may do this 3x.. then will do iv she is resting, and in a few minutes we will go for a gentle walk to help move the contractions along..will let you know...thanks for bettyann

Monday, May 10, 2010

Going Away For a Birth !!!!!!

I'm going to be away for awhile..On Wednesday, I will be flying to Calgary , Canada. My daughter Jenn is having her first child, and my first grandchild. Her due date is May 15..She is scheduled for an induction on the 15. I will try to help her and her partner with the birth, she wants me to be in the birthing room !!!. I have attended at 2 others births, but this is one I'm a little aprenhensive... My DH will drive up (14 hrs direct) at the end of May..bringing, if you can believe, a U-Haul trailer full of goodies, a refinished cannon-ball bed and side tables, rocking chair which is a great-grandmother's, a bassinet from my childhood..and of course, clothes, toys and gifts from friends and families.. We will acquire a crib for them...Will be back in Vancouver June6..the following week-end I am holding a wedding shower for my Son's I won't be visiting your lovely blogs. for awhile... WIll post pictures of my new grandbaby..I think I'm going to be called Nana..Take care friends..BYE-BYE..

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Heart of Our Home...

Before I show you the heart of our home..I must introduce you to the keeper of the clock, refrigerator..Meet Niala..right now she is telling me that I have been keeping her waiting far too long for dinner......

We have a window by the computer..I look into greenery and because I finally have the time, plants flourish here now..

Although, it is a cool and rainy day here on the west coast of canada, or as we call it, the "wet" coast..I look forward to relaxing on our patio, greeting friends and family for B-B-Q's or having kool-aid toasts when the weather is warm..

I don't care what many people think, but I love Ikea, fresh, clean, functional and inexpensive..Here I have out to use, my hand-me-down Cuisinart, grinder, blender to make yummy drinks, and everyday baking and cooking this island..

Here my loving husband made this area the way I wanted it to look...desk for dishes, collectibles, cookbooks, goodies....

Here I read your blogs, send e-mails to friends and family, pay my bills on-line (just love that), search and print new receipes to delight, filing cabinet holds address book, stamps, extra printing paper and file folders for bills, ...

The kitchen is the one that I have always wanted, open to the dining area and living room..We entertain more here than ever before ... I love to work in kitchen to see and hear my guests..I am no longer isolated in the kitchen...Plenty of room for people to circulate, check out the fridge, step outside...
So thank you for coming and seeing the Heart of our Home...toodles..Take care...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Friend Had a Baby Girl...YAH !!

I worked with a lovely lady K. She just had her 3rd girl, a month early, but Mom and baby girl are happy and healthy...So I made a card expressing my joy...This is for Ali Katherine..Welcome little one...Happy Days are Here...Love bettyann

Saturday, May 1, 2010