Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Autumn is coming !!

Although I can moan, kick and scream, autumn is here. We had a lousy wet summer, and for that matter spring; but what can we do autumn is here. The air is cooler, the light a different consistency than summer, and the leaves are turning colour. Autumn is not usually my most favorite. I love the crispness of spring and the possibilities of new beginnings. Summer is full of living outdoors, swimming, friends over and those magical long evenings. Many blogs wax poetic about pumpkins, warm drinks and changing of colours. Me, not so much . I guess to be honest, I dread the dreaded winter months of the "wet" west coast. So mabe this year I can fix my depression, tie up my shoe and get out into the last few days of summer. Maybe this will be the year to embrace fall..We shall see. Tell me what you love about the changing of summer to autumn? How do you cope with the blah feelings of coming winter? Take care friends. Would love to hear from you.