Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter arrived in Langley

Hello friends..winter arrived 0n the westcoast of Canada last night..we had approximtely 20 cm of the white stuff..came during the night, in very wet, and stuck very prettily to roofs, trees and shrubs..however my DH was supposed to fly out to Calgary this am, the ungodly hour of got up at 3:30am, fired up the web site for the airline and behold the flight was cancelled. They could change his flight to for 9am, but that would get in too late for his 1 day course. DH cancelled the daughter was so looking forward to seeing him and vise-versa..and of course he would miss holding lil bug.....such is life..we hope to see her in March for a family wedding..My heart goes out to those suffering in Australia with the heart is broken for the people of Arizona..Please send prayers, good thoughts and angels to watch over those who need our hand in love and kindness.